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Storj Calculator – How much can I earn?

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. Januar 2024.

What is Storj?

Storj is a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage platform. It offers a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol to store and distribute data. The platform uses blockchain technology to create a secure and robust data storage infrastructure that can’t be hacked or corrupted.

The Storj project was founded in 2014 as a way to solve the problem of digital data security, privacy, and reliability. The company has been working on the product for over four years now and it is now available for public use.

Earnings Estimator: How much can I earn with Storj.io?

First some Words about this Calculator: This estimator is based on the Idea of a “Realistic Earnings Estimator” by the User BrightSilence from the Storj-Forum. This Calculator uses some estimated Network-Statistics from the Google-Docs Sheet merged with statistical Data collected by my own Nodes.

This calculator tries to make the best estimation of possible earnings based on actual Network-Data. It's likely that the Network behaviour changes over month or years - take this into consideration.
- 15. Januar 2024: Added Option to calculate the growth of a Node/Rig from an actual Size (so you dont have to start to calculate by zero)
- 14. Januar 2024: Adjustment to the actual Storj-Network-Behaviour 
- 11. Januar 2024: Adjustment to the actual Payot-Rates of Storj
- [...]
- 20. Februar 2022: Initial Publication

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Storj Earnings Calculator

Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. Januar 2024.

Your Input

How much storage you will offer to the network.

How many data does your Node already store?

How fast is your Download Bandwith (in mbps)?

How fast is your Upload-Bandwith?

Additional Network-Parameter (optional)
Costs (optional)
Detailed Result

How many years will you let your Node run?

Result Summary


Zuletzt aktualisiert am 15. Januar 2024.

To not get your nodes limited by upload-speed (on average) you need the following Upload-Bandwith:


How can I contribute my Storage to the Network?

I have written an Article about Contributing to the Storj-Network:

How to rent your HDD-Space and contribute to the storj.io Network

Some more Learnings/Notes from this estimator

Whats the biggest size of a Node?

As the Estimator shows, there is a decrease in growth of a Node over some Years because of a relatively fixed deletion-rate of data from the Network and the Nodes.
This Rate can Change, but actually it shows a maximum Size of one Node at about 28TB. After this Size the Deletion of Data per Month “eats” the actual Growth of Data per Month.

What Rates pays Storj for a Node?

You can find the actual Rates for a Storagenode here: https://www.storj.io/node

Update December 23:
Storj has announced, that there will be new Rates for paying Storagenodes*:
Disk Space: 1,50 Dollar / TB (remains)
Egress-Bandwith: 2 / TB

Update April 22:
Storj has announced, that there will be new Rates for paying Storagenodes*:
Disk Space: 1,50 Dollar / TB (remains)
Egress-Bandwith: 1,5 Dollar – 5 Dollar / TB
Audit-Bandwith: 1,5 Dollar – 5 Dollar / TB

As time of writing it says:
Egress-Bandwith: 20 Dollar / TB
Egress-Repair-Bandwith: 10 Dollar / TB
Disk Space: 1,50 Dollar / TB
Audit-Bandwith: 10 Dollar / TB

*Why there will be new Rates?
The actual Rates (April 22) means a loss for every transferred and stored Terabyte. The economic Model has to ne adjusted.

The actual Rates of December 2023 are used in the Calculator.

My Storagenode consumes a lot of RAM – why?

This is no bug! If there is a lot of Traffic on the Network, there are a lot of IO-Operations on the Disks. Some Disks (especially some with a Technology called “SMR”) are to slow to perform all these Operations. Then these Operations will be cached in the RAM. The Usage of RAM will decrease if the Disk can catchup the operations.
Especially after the Startup of a Node there are a lot of File-Operations, later on the IO-Operations will decrease.

Some more Stuff about Storangenodes

Hintergründe und Earnings im Video

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